Privacy Policy

LAST UPDATED: March 1, 2019
Our Privacy Policy have been updated.


This Privacy Policy governs the Websites and Services made available online by Eyugame (collectively "Eyugame" or "We") for use on mobile devices, tablets, personal computers and other devices. By accessing or using any of the Websites or Services, you are consenting to this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy describes what information Eyugame collects from users,as well as ways we might use or share it and your legal rights.; how such information is used and stored; when such information may be disclosed to third parties; how users, parents, and guardians can control the use and disclosure of collected information; and how information is protected. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users.PLEASE READ THIS PRIVACY POLICY CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU USE OUR SERVICES OR WEBSITES.

For matters not covered herein, you may refer to our Terms of Services ( If you have any questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

Please kindly be noted that this Privacy Policy does not apply to such online activities outside Eyugame’ websites and games, and meanwhile we cannot control the activities on other websites. Also, we highly recommend that you read the privacy policy of any third party website you may be directed to before providing any personally identifiable information.

Your using of Eyugame’ online products or services, indicates that you assent to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not use our websites or other Eyugame’ products or services. This Privacy Policy may change from time to time, so please check back periodically to ensure that you are aware of any changes. If we make a material change to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by posting the change on our websites or in this Privacy Policy and, if necessary, give you additional choices regarding such change prior to the change becoming effective. Your continued use of the websites or other Eyugame’ products or services will signify your acceptance of these changes.

Please kindly be noted that you are free to decide whether to provide your personal information to us or not, but disagreement on your side, to some degree, may adversely affect your user experience of our service.


1. What is the Scope of this Privacy Policy?

Eyugame publishes and operates games both on web and mobile devices. Eyugame, including its affiliates, subsidiaries or other entities that control, are controlled by or are under common control with Eyugame will be referred to as "Eyugame", "we", "our" or "us" in this Privacy Policy.
This Privacy Policy shall apply when you access and use our Services and Websites, including any websites, games, applications, domains owned or controlled by Eyugame.

2.What information do we collect directly from you?

A: While using and accessing the Websites and Services, you may be required to provide some of your personal information to us, we collect or receive personal information in a few different ways. The personal information will be used for the purpose as described in this Privacy Policy.

If you are required to register an Account for the use and access of our Websites and Services, you may be required to provide information like: • your e-mail address;
• a password; and
• other information that helps us make sure it’s you accessing your account or helps us improve our services.

Sometimes you may want to create some personal features in the Websites or Services, in this situation, you may need to provide information like: • a profile photo;
• game user name(s);
• your gender;
• biographic details (like your age or age range);
• approximate location information that you provide;
• links to your profiles on various social network;
• details about the games you play; and
• a player ID number that is created by Eyugame and used to identify your profile.

Some of the information will be publicly accessible in default on the Websites and Services if you choose to create the personal features, including without limitation:
• Your player ID; and,
• Your player profile photo.

You can go to the privacy setting page of each Websites and Services for more information on the privacy settings.

3.Where do we collect information from you?

A: We may collect, process and store users’ personal information globally, but mainly from countries and regions where our important business target places fall in.

When you use our service, depends on what the specific service scenario (such as when you register the user account for our platforms and/games, to subscribe our new games, etc.) is, we may require your email address, telephone/mobile phone number, reference number of your personal identity (ID and/or passport, etc.), your address, gender, etc. In avoidance of doubts, we may only collect your phone/mobile number, reference number of your personal identity (ID and/or passport, etc.), address, gender in some places such as Taiwan, users who locates in European and American countries or regions may not need to provide phone/mobile number, reference number of your personal identity (ID and/or passport, etc.), or address information to us. For all users we may collect your IP address while you are using our service, but please be assured that we will not use your personal information that we received from you without your prior consent or beyond the scope that you consent to, or to utilize your personal information in combination with other information.

4.What type of information do we collect from you?

A: According to information categories, we may collect the following information from you:

Sometimes we will collect some technical and automated information if you access or use our Websites and Services. Information collected, for example:

We may use cookies for the purpose including (1) keeping you in the log-in session or ensuring your transactions proceed successfully; (2) analyzing how customers use the Websites and Services, the performance of the Websites and Services (on an anonymous basis); (3) promoting our Services and Websites.

As the above mentioned, we may need cookies to provide our service to you. Though closing cookies cannot prevent you from utilizing our service, but please kindly be noted that you may found that you cannot use certain functions, such as automatic login and language settings.

√Some automated information:
• IP addresses;
• the type of computer or mobile device you are using;
• your operating system version;
• your mobile device’s identifiers, like your MAC Address, Identifier For Advertising (IDFA), and/or International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI);
• your contacts on your device
• your browser types;
• your browser language;
• referring and exit pages, and URLs;
• platform type;
• the number of clicks on a page or feature;
• domain names;
• landing pages;
• pages viewed and the order of those pages;
• the amount of time spent on particular pages; and
• game state and the date and time of activity on our websites or games.
The above information may be associated with your social network ID, your ID on third party platform or your ID in the Services and Websites. When you register, login, top-up or open a ticket on, your IP address may be collected by us, and we will only use it for statistical analysis, such as to determine whether certain channel is cheating in user numbers, or to analyze the source of users.

√Payment Information
You may be provided the opportunity to purchase Virtual Currency or Virtual Items in our Websites and Services. To complete purchase transactions, our third-party payment processors may collect payment information from you, including your postal address, e-mail address and financial information (i.e. card number, passwords). We will not store your financial information, but we may get some non-financial information to complete the purchase, i.e. your name, billing address and the items purchased in order to fulfill your order (Non-financial Information). If you conduct the transaction on a third party platform, the Non-financial Information may also be collected by us to complete the purchase, you need to read the privacy policy of such third party carefully because your payment through such third party may be governed by such policies.

√Other information:
If you access the Websites and Services via a mobile device, we may also collect information like:
• Your country;and,
• Your geo-location.

By using our Websites and Services, you may be provided ability to communicate with other players, including:
• participating in forums and message boards;
• posting public comments to other players or game boards;
• sending private messages or invitations to other players, either directly on our websites or to their e-mail accounts;
• chatting with other players; and/or
• posting photos or drawings.

The communication and information you generated by using the above functions will be stored and maintained by us for the safety and well-being of you and the rights and interests of us.

If you communicate with our customer services team, we may also record information including your ID, your in-game activities, your communication with us and anything else that you share with us.

If you submit your mobile telephone number or other identifier associated with your communication devices for us to provide you services like text messages, the information you provided will be recorded.

5.What Information do we collect from social network operators or any third party platform?

A: If you access or use our Websites or Services via social network operators or a third party, we may receive some information about you automatically depending on (1) the Websites or Services you are accessing or using; (2) the policy and terms of the social network operators and such third party platform; (3) your privacy settings; and (4) your friend’s privacy settings.

Examples of information that may be collected:
• your first and last name;
• your profile picture or its URL;
• your social network ID number or the ID number on the third party platform;
• the social network ID numbers or the ID number on the third party platform and other public data for your friends;
• the login e-mail you provided to that social network or the third party platform when you registered with it;
• your physical location and that of the devices you use to access our Services or Websites;
• your gender;
• your birthday and/or age range;
• other publicly-available information on the social network or the third party platform; and/or
• any other information that you or the social networks or the ID number on the third party platform shared with Eyugame.

You can go to the social network or the third party platforms for more information on the privacy settings.

When you use our services via third party accounts, we may collect you third party account name and/or head portrait of such third party account. As for your friends list and/or email address etc., which are linked with such third party account, will subject to your decision to privacy policy of such third party platform.

6. What if you are not agree to provide certain information to us, or you do not consent to our processing, transmitting and/or storing of your personal information?

A: Please kindly be noted that, in provision of service, we will need some of your personal information to proceed our service, and absence or delay in providing such information may prevent you from using part or all of our service, or adversely affects the user experience of our service. For example, when you subscribe our new games, we may need your mobile phone number to make such subscription, otherwise you might not subscribe the new game successfully; and you may need to provide your personal identity reference number and/or mobile phone number to us when you file an account appeal due to that you have forgot your password or other reasons, absence or delay in provision of such information may prolong our handling time of your account appeal. To learn more scenarios where we will require your information, we strongly recommend that you read this Privacy Policy carefully and comprehensively.

7.Do we share your information we collected from you with third parties platforms?

A: No, in most cases we do not provide your personal information to third parties. But if there is, we will obtain your consent prior to the provision, and we will enter into a separate agreement or include the confidential clause to make sure the confidentiality of your personal information.

We may collect and disclose to third parties aggregated, anonymized information that does not identify any single user for analysis, marketing advertising or other commercial purposes.

We may also disclose your information to a third party under the following circumstances:
• If you provide your consent;
• If you interact with players in our Websites or Services, your ID, a description of your game activity, your posts, your communication and your photo may be disclosed to those players;
• In case we engage in any advertisement or promotion, we may disclose information such as performance information, aggregated information (which does not identify individual users), certain technical information, or other information regarding your use and access of the Websites and Services. Tracking technologies such as cookies and beacons may be used in the advertisement or promotion.
• In the event that a proceeding, investigation, or litigation requires disclosure of your information under applicable laws or regulations.
• In case we believe, at our sole discretion, there is a threat to any rights of a third party, the public or us or the possibility of breach of any laws, regulations.

For the operation of our Websites and Services, we may need to engage third parties to provide hosting, payment, analysis, email or other services, to help us improve and provide our Websites and Services, therefore we may disclose your information with such contractors. We will contractually bind the contractors to keep your information confidential and to use the information solely on our behalf.

8.How and in what purpose do we use your personal information?

A: In fact, we will only collect your personal information for provision of our service and to improve our service quality for better user experience, for example, we may use your phone/mobile phone number in promoting activities (to send push notifications, to send gifts, etc.). In most cases, we will not share your personal information we collected from you. But your prior approval will be obtained if we need to share your personal information to other third parties beyond the scope that you have consented to.

Our objective in storing and collecting your information is to provide players with a better gaming experience to the players by allowing us:

• to operate, improve and optimize our Services, Websites and our players’ experiences;
• to create your game accounts and allow you to play our games;
• to identify and suggest connections with other players and personalize our Services to you;
• to enable players to communicate with each other;
• to provide technical support and respond to player inquiries;
• to help prevent fraud or potentially illegal activities, and enforcing our Terms of Services;
• to manage and deliver contextual and behavioral advertising;
• to notify players of in-game updates, new products or promotional offers;
• to administer rewards, surveys, sweepstakes, contests, or other promotional activities or events sponsored or managed by us or our business partners; • to comply with our legal obligations, resolve any disputes we may have with you or other players, and to enforce our agreements with third parties; and
• to conduct research.

We may send you promotional information to the email address you provided us. If you have left your mobile numbers or identifiers of your communication device, we may send some promotional information to the mobile phone or other communication device.

9.Are the push notifications optional?

A: In provision of our service, especially when we promoting our games during certain period, we may send push notifications to your mobile via the mobile number you have provided to us, or through the platform messages to you. You may refuse to receive such mobile notifications through the instructions in each notification content, and you may refuse to receive the platform message from us via settings in our platform. But please kindly be noted that we may inform you of the sever maintenance time of our games, refusing to receive the platform messages may affect your game experience and time arrangement.

10.How do we provide user support service to you?

A: In some cases, we may send emails, or to respond to the HELP TICKET you have opened in platform to support you in our service; and only in some regions/countries we may approach you by platform messages or phone/mobile phone. Please be assured that all the information you provide to us for our support, such as through the HELP TICKET system (where you can report bugs or feedback your suggestions), will only be utilized within the scope of addressing your problems and improving our service quality.

11.Data transfer

We will treat your data with the strictest confidentiality and will not disclose it to any third parties, unless you have given us your express permission to do so. We may however be required by law to disclose your information in certain situations (such as to an investigating authority) where the transfer takes place only within the framework required by legal conventions.
In individual cases, subsidiaries, parent companies or third parties may provide services on our behalf. This mainly concerns the handling of payment transactions by external service providers (PayPal, Global Collect, etc.) and, in the case of default, by a debt collection company. Moreover, we provide your data to external companies, for marketing purposes, engaged in a contractual relationship with the Eyugame Group to further develop and improve our games. These external companies are obligated to handle your data confidentially and securely, and may only use your data insofar as it is required for completing their directive.

12.When and How We May Share/Disclose Your Information With Third Parties?

We will only share your information (including personal information) with the following third parties or under the following circumstances or as otherwise described in this policy:
Safety, Security, Cooperation With Law Enforcement, & Compliance With Legal Obligations. We may disclose your information to third parties, including your personal information, if we, in our sole discretion, have a good faith belief that disclosure is: (1) permitted or required by law; (2) requested in connection with or relevant to a judicial, governmental or legal inquiry, investigation, order, or proceeding; (3) required or reasonably necessary pursuant to a valid subpoena, warrant or other legally valid inquiry or request; (4) reasonably necessary to enforce our Terms of Service, this Policy, or any other legal agreements; (5) required to detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, abuse, misuse, potential violations of law (or rule/regulation), and/or security or technical issues; or (6) required or reasonably necessary to protect against imminent harm to the rights, property or safety of Eyugame, our users, employees, any minors, members of the public and/or our Websites and Services. We may also disclose information about you to our auditors or legal advisors in conjunction with accessing our disclosure obligations and/or rights under this Policy. Third Party Service Providers, Contractors or Agents. We may share your information with third party companies that perform services on our behalf, including payment processing, order fulfillment, data analysis, marketing services, e-mail campaigns, hosting services, and customer service. While providing the services for us, these companies may access your personal information, and are required to use it solely as directed by us for the purpose of our requested service. In some cases, when you provide information to us using a third-party interface, your information may be collected subject to the third party's privacy policy.
Business Transfers, Sales or Mergers or Divestitures. In the event that Eyugame undergoes a business transition, such as a merger, acquisition, corporate divestiture or dissolution (including bankruptcy), or a sale of all or a portion of its assets, we may share, disclose or transfer all of your information, including personal information, to the successor organization in such transition.
Business Partners. In conjunction with the running of our games we may partner with a third party to assist us in providing you with our services. We will share the information you provide us through your social network such as (1) your first and last name, (2) your profile picture or its URL, (3) your user identification number of the pertinent social network, which is linked to publicly available information such as name and profile picture (4) the login email you provided to the pertinent social network upon registration; (5) game play information with these third parties so they may facilitate the use of our service as well as contact you about other games which may be of interest to you, service notifications and to solicit your feedback and input. If you do not wish to have this information shared please do not use our services. If you wish to no longer have your personal information used by our partners you may contact us at and we will facilitate your request to the partner.
Promotions. We may share your information in connection with any Promotion you enter on or through the Websites, as necessary to administer, market, sponsor, administer or fulfill the Promotion or as required by applicable laws, rules or regulations (for example, to provide winners’ lists or make required filings as appropriate) or in accordance with the applicable Official Rules of the Promotion/Sweepstakes you enter.
With Your Permission. Additionally, if you opt-in or otherwise agree to have your information shared with a third party for marketing purposes, we will share you information with the third party (or third parties) in which case the third party’s use of your information is subject to the third party’s own privacy policy.
Advertising of Third Party Products/Services. We may use and share with third party advertisers (and other third parties) certain Technical Information and/or Aggregate Information to show general demographic and preference information among Eyugame users. We may also allow advertisers to collect Technical Information or Aggregate Information, which they may share with us, through the use of tracking technologies like cookies and web beacons. The information collected may be used to offer you targeted ad-selection and delivery in order to personalize your user experience by increasing the likelihood that advertisements for products and services you see will appeal to you, a practice known as behavioral advertising, and to undertake web analytics (i.e. to analyze traffic and other end user activity to improve your experience).
Social Media Features: Our Web site includes Social Media Features, such as the Facebook Like button. These Features may collect your IP address, which page you are visiting on our site, and may set a cookie to enable the Feature to function properly. Social Media Features are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly on our Site. Your interactions with these Features are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing it. Offer Walls: Eyugame games or their purchase pages may display an “offer wall” that may be hosted by a third party offer wall provider. The offer wall allows third party advertisers to provide virtual currency to users in exchange for interacting with an advertisement or for completing a marketing offer that may include signing up for an account with one of those advertisers. These offers are not controlled by or made by Eyugame. These offers may be displayed to you based on certain technical information, such as your geographic area or anonymous demographic information. After clicking on one of these advertisements, you will no longer be on a site hosted by Eyugame or a partnering Third Party Platform. To properly credit user accounts and to prevent fraud, a unique identifier will be shared with the offer wall provider. This identifier is used to ensure proper crediting of your account, prevent fraud or duplicate offers and to resolve any customer service inquiries that may arise. Once you complete an offer, you may then be returned to a Eyugame Website or Service.

13.Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytic service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses “cookies”, which are text files placed on your computer, to help the website analyze how users use the site. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website (including your IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. If, however, you activate the Anonymity IP option on this website, Google will remove the end of your IP address so it only locates you as within the member states of the European Union or other members of the European Economic Area. Only in rare cases will the complete IP address be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and then shortened there. Google will use this information for the purpose of evaluating your use of the website, compiling reports on website activity for website operators and providing other services relating to website activity and Internet usage. The operator of this website will use information gathered via interest-related advertising as well as third-party visitor data (e.g. age, gender and interests) for the purpose of evaluation in order to find out more about the users of this website. No person-related data shall be used here; only a statistical evaluation of anonymous data sets shall be carried out. Google will not associate your IP address as transmitted by Google Analytics with any other data held by Google. You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, however please note that if you do this you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website. Furthermore, you can prohibit Google from collecting and analyzing the data generated by the cookie about your use of the website (including your IP address) by downloading and installing the browser plugin available here Should you wish to adapt or prevent the analysis of your demographic or interest-based information, you can disable Google Analytics display ads and adapt the ads in the Google Display Network:

14.Social Media Plugins

Embedded on our website are various Facebook links.Within the scope of our web presence, these links are identified by the Facebook logo or by the phrase ‘Like’ (no Facebook plugins are used).Should a user click one of these links, then the Facebook plugins are activated and establish a direct connection via the user’s browser to a Facebook server.
Provided that the user clicks one of the aforementioned links while visiting our website, and is logged into their personal Facebook account, the information will be forwarded to Facebook that the user has visited our website. Facebook can associate your visit to the website to your account. This data is transferred to and saved by Facebook. To prevent this, the user must log out of their account before clicking the link. The functions embedded in the links by Facebook, especially the transfer of data and user information, are not activated by visiting our website, but rather by clicking the corresponding links.
The purpose and scope of data collection via Facebook, the processing and use of such data, as well as your rights thereof and personal settings regarding privacy protection can be found in the Facebook privacy settings section (
For further questions pertaining to the collection, processing or use of individual user data, as well as regarding disclosing, correcting, blocking or deleting data, please contact our data protection supervisors.

15.Right of revocation, deletion of data

If you have given us consent to process personal data, you can withdraw this consent at any time.Eyugame deletes your personal data insofar as it is no longer needed or required, or if you have requested the deletion of this data. Please note that data cannot be deleted if there are legal storage requirements or this data is required by us for the billing of our services.

16.Information, viewing, and deletion of data

You can request to see data which we have recorded, as well as request to have this data changed or deleted by sending email to

17.What safety measures and schemes have we adopted to assure your information and data protection?

A: To better protect your personal information and data, we have adopted a series of measures internally and externally, such as the following:
1) user password encryption processing when storage;
2) access control of internal data;
3) data is transmitted through the Intranet special line;
4) fortress mechanism;
5) data processing agreement when cooperated with third parties with users’ prior consent.

18.How do we manage and update your information?

A: To manage and update information we collect from a social network operator or any third party, please refer to the setting page of such social network operator or third party.
To manage and update information you send directly to us, visit the setting pages in the Websites or Services.
If you want to manage or update the information Eyugame has about you or have additional questions, e-mail us at We will respond to your request within thirty days.
If you want to stop us from actively using your information, please send a mail to We will respond to your request within thirty days.
If you want to stop us from using your dynamic location data, you can go to the settings on your mobile or communication device for the relevant application.
If you want to stop receiving promotional emails, any SMS or pushed information, please e-mail us at Please note your request may take up to 3 work days to be processed in our system during which time you may continue to receive emails.
If you want to stop us from using your cookies, you can go to the setting pages of the browser or go to the setting page of flash player. Please note if you stop us from using cookies, you will not be able to enjoy some of the features on the Websites or Services.

19.What are our policies for children?

A: Eyugame does not offer products for purchase by children, and we do not knowingly collect personal information from children. If you are under 13, you may use and access Eyugame Websites and Services only with the permission of a parent or guardian.

Eyugame respects the privacy of parents and children and is committed to complying with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. If a parent believes that his or her child has submitted personal information to Eyugame, he or she can contact us via email at We will promptly delete the information upon learning that it relates to a child under the age of 13. We recognize the importance of safeguarding the privacy of children and encourage parents to check and monitor their children's use of online activities regularly.

20.Change to our Privacy Policy

We may from time to time make changes to our Privacy Policy, we will tell you and other players by placing a notice on,or by sending you a notice to the e-mail address we have on file for you prior to the change becoming effective. We may supplement this process by placing notices on game blogs, social network pages, and/or forums and on other Websites. You should periodically check and this privacy page for updates.

21.Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy and/or practices, please send an e-mail to