Featured Jobs

Job description

1) Localization of company games and translation support.

2) Modified suggestion to products based on the knowledge of player needs and data analysis, coordinate and track to optimize the user experience.

3) Daily text, protocol translation.

4) Engagement in daily operation, as a team member to accomplish all team targets.

Job requirements

1) Bachelor above, American and has been living in China is preferred.

2) Excellent analytical skills, a master of good communication skills (English & Chinese needed), ability to work in a multicultural surrounding.

3) Senior (North America) game player, good command of North America player needs and preference.

4) Excellent command of North America game industry and game culture/ background.

5) Applicants with game industry experience is preferred.

Job description

1) Good command of the North America game market and its development. Drafting overall marketing strategy, promotion and products' marketing in oversea market.

2) Analyze the operation statistics of the English-speaking area, promote the quality of daily operation.

3) Schedule and execute the product's marketing plan in oversea market, all sorts market info 's monitor, collecting, collating and analysis, a timely summarizing of the market feedback is a must.

4) Develop and keep a good relationship with medias, partners in the oversea market. 

Job requirements

1) Bachelor above, 2 years related working experience in internet or media.

2) Familiar with the oversea market, social media, platforms, etc.

3) Excellent English communication skills, barrier-free communication with foreigners is a must.

4) With overseas living or working experience, game industry operating experience is preferred.